Cam Weston

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My Projects

Rümr <code>

Have you ever had a roommate that you were incompatabile with that added unecessary stress to your life? Rümr is your answer.

Rümr is a roommate finder web app that 4 other students and I created to secure 2nd place at the 2018 UVM State Street IBM Hackathon. Rümr has users take a personality test and than shows you how compatabile you are with other all other users in your area. Rümr has it that we can help find your next perfect roommate.

To build Rümr we used Google Polymer for the frontend, Flask for routing, Python for backend util and a Cloudant noSql DB.

After a 12 hour code sprint, we presented our work to 100+ students, faculty and judges and recieved 2nd place at the UVM/IBM/State Street 2018 Hackathon competetion.

Natureventures <code>

Wanna meet new people in your area while at the same time getting outside and exploring the world? Join Natureventures today!

Natureventures is an exciting social media app that is exclusive to college students and allows them to get outdoors and meet new people. When a user joins Natureventures they gain instant access to "The Wall". Here, all users at the university can post pictures of their outings, from mountain biking to mountaneering. Users can comment and like each others posts.

The biggest feature that sets Natureventures apart from the crowd is the "TagAlong!" feature. Using "TagAlong!", users are able to post events like "Going skiing at Sugarbush, VT, on Saturday, who wants to come?". Once this is published, other users can press the tag along event to indicate they have interest, than can talk to each other in the comments to discuss a plan. Bottom line, "TagAlong!" gets students outside and making new friends.

Natureventures uses a PHP backend, MySQL database, LDAP for security, and a pure CSS frontend.

Catamount Marketplace <code>

Are you a college student looking for a place to easily sell your unwanted stuff to other students? Catamount Marketplace has your back.

Catamount Marketplace is a site that allows students to sell their stuff to exclusively other students. By making it for students only, a level of security is added where the person you are selling to or buying from is not some random person on the internet, but rather a student at your school.

To Catamount Marketplace was built on IBM's Bluemix platform using PHP, HTML, CSS and a Cloudant noSql DB.

After a 12 hour code sprint, we presented our work to 100+ students, faculty and judges and recieved 3rd place at the UVM/IBM/State Street 2017 Hackathon competetion.

Trumpacolypse <code>

Election season 2016, an "exciting" time for America. In this 2D side scroller you can play as an 8bit version of the Donald, attempting to avoid asteriods because the world is ending. Do you have what it takes?

Trumpacolypse is a 2d C++ arcade game that I created for the 2016 UVM Computer Science Fair. To create this game, I used C++ for backend and GLUT, a C++ library, for the graphics.