Cam Weston

Creative. Ambitious. Developer.

Work Experience

State Street

Backend Java Engineer Intern
June - August 2018

Worked as a backend Java engineer on a new big data analytics platform. Helped create new features and debug a large codebase in a heavy agile driven environment that involved daily standups, sprint planning and other agile practices. Worked with a handful of tools such as Maven, Spring MVC, Git, and AWS.


Backend C# Engineer Intern
May - August 2017

Worked as a backend C# engineer on the Mobile Personal Shopper Team. Began each day with a SCRUM meeting, than worked alone or with other engineers to complete tasks on the JIRA board. Mainly focused on building a system reflection program that neatly documented all data structures within any API for the customer. Additionally, presented this project multiple times to the CTO, senior engineers and many other valuable members of the company.


Software Engineer Intern
May - September 2016

Worked as a software development intern for an innovative incubator company, Productio Capital. I developed applications with the company from May until early September 2016. For the first few months of my employment I created a native desktop JAVA application that implemented SQL, user management, simple but innovative GUI and much more. Developing this app allowed me to improve and showcase my skill-set of JAVA and object orientated programming. In mid July I began developing a web application for Productio. This app allows incubator companies to share files and easily manage their many start-up companies marketing plans. The app is composed of PHP, bootstrap, SQL, JavaScript and a few more languages.

Teaching Assistant

CS 148: PHP and SQL

August - Present 2018

Under Professor Robert Erickson , I assist in teaching design and implementation of relational databases in SQL and PHP. This position involves me assiting students during lab and holding office hours where students can ask any PHP or MySQL question. I need to elaborate more on this.

CS 008: Intro to HTML and CSS

August - Present 2018

Under Professor Robert Erickson , I assist in teaching the introductory course to HTML, CSS and overall fundamentals of web development at University of Vermont.

CS 121: Computer Orginization with Raspberry Pi

August - Present 2018

Under Professor James Eddy , I assist in teaching the computer orginization course at University of Vermont.